Sensitive Teeth

sensitive teeth

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitivity can occur in one or more teeth. People with tooth sensitivity will experience pain with cold, hot, sweet or sour foods and drinks. The pain is normally moderate and only lasts for a short period of time.

The Cause

There are a few possibilities why teeth can become sensitive. A poor brushing technique or brushing your teeth too hard, tooth decay, gum disease/gum recession, chip/cracked or broken teeth, grinding or clenching your teeth, teeth whitening products acidic foods or drinks.

The Treatment

A check up with the dentist to diagnose why and where the sensitivity is coming from is important. From there the correct treatment and advice can be given. The dentist may place a sealant in the affected tooth if no cavity is present, they will show you proper tooth brushing techniques or suggest dietary changes.

Sensitive teeth may prevent you from enjoying your meal or favorite drink.

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